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Makeup artist Steve Oraha's impeccable attention to detail, and keeping the big picture in mind, has made him an industry pro. Respected not only for his artistry, but also for his genuine approach and professionalism. Steve's ability to adapt to any environment makes him a favorite in high-pressure situations. Steve's artistic technique aims for originality, influenced by classic and modern beauty aesthetics. Oraha's work is a reflection of his appreciation of the arts, women, and individuality. His love for makeup developed around his mother, a licensed cosmetologist, and five older sisters. At a young age Steve found a desire and passion to visualize others beyond their current state, allowing them to achieve their ultimate self satisfying image. Oraha has worked with some of the industry's top makeup artists including: Troy Jensen, Beau Nelson, Patrick Ta, and Dillon Peña.

Featured work: ABC (GMA, 20/20, Nightline), Access Hollywood, E!, WAGS, Netflix, Critics' Choice Awards, Biggest Loser, Volkswagen, Bloomberg, Political Campaigns, and more.